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Exclusive services

Sandstorm cyber services are different. They are the fruit of 30 years of assistance, observations, achievements and are intended as a response to some of the most glaring cries of help coming from all sizes and all types of business.

Knowing where you are in your cybersecurity journey is one thing. Getting to the intended destination with the help of a trusted, dedicated partner who understands the issues on the ground is quite another. 

Small Business Cyber Essentials

With more than 15 deliverables, this kit provides SMB's with cybersecurity essentials. It is aimed at companies with 25 to 250 employees and covers strategic, tactical and operational high impact risk reducing measures allowing you to quickly reach a basic level in cybersecurity. Several partners such as 'GOSECURE' help us deliver top of the line services aimed at protecting your business 24X7.


CPO 'as a service'

With our partners 'NYMION' and 'QOHASH', we help you at the strategic or tactical level to implement the requirements concerning Law 25 aimed at the protection of personal information. Depending on the state of your project, we establish clear and pragmatic objectives tailored  to your size and  business model, accompanied if necessary by technological solutions allowing you to quickly map and inventory your personal data.


Custom Dark Web Monitoring

With the help of our partner 'FLARE SYSTEMS', we monitor several elements of the Dark Web such as illicit forums, telegram markets, Github and others allowing you to quickly identify potential breaches to your business. The core value of our service relies in the analysis of the data produced by the tool, allowing us to target only the elements that can cause a real attack on your cybersecurity.


Tactical advisory services

Whether you are looking  to validate your security program, to prioritize the elements of your cybersecurity posture report or to get things moving on a stalled project, we will help you quickly identify the key points and actions allowing you to progress quickly. 


CISO Coaching and Cybersecurity Directors

Offered in different variations, this service includes the evaluation and analysis of strengths and areas for improvement (20 areas)  covering both soft skills and technical know-how. Subsequently, a custom tailored coaching plan specific to each individual is produced in order to remedy improvement areas.


Advice to CISO, Boards of Directors and Management Committees

Whether it is for basic or advanced training in cybersecurity, whether for a second opinion or simply to validate an orientation, our consulting service for senior executives is an alternative to large firms. We promise you impartiality, objectivity and independence with top quality advice.

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